From Dr. Daniel Boscaljon, shared with our gratitude

I’m honored to share these words from Little Village’s Arts Critic Dr. Daniel Boscaljon:

photo by Dan Padley

“Imagine what would happen if you turned a blockbuster movie inside out.

You’d have some words and images.
You’d have honest conversations about the politics involved in the story.
You’d watch the action of the music usually relegated to the background.

You’d have Esteban.

The performance shows how even more than a battle of right and wrong, how justice involves showing the beauty that nothing can destroy.”

Esteban & the Children of the Sun, the collaborative multimedia production conceived and created by our beloved John Rapson (1953-2021), is tomorrow (October 3), at 3 pm at The Englert Theatre in Iowa City.

Please also enjoy Daniel’s article about Esteban published October 1 in Little Village.

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