I am very proud of my recent work with Keith Reins on his project Folk Songs You Never Sang in Grade School. I also play in a duo with singer/songwriter Jeffrey C. Capps, as part of the band for the Family Folk Machine, a multi-generational community choir directed by Jean Littlejohn, and I am fortunate to freelance often with other music and theater ensembles in the area.

For thirteen wonderful years, I was a fiddler and singer with The Beggarmen. Our collaboration came to an end in 2016 but I really love these photos of The Beggarmen by Patrick Brickel from a 2011 show at Uptown Bill’s. We had some magical years as a band.



2 responses to “Fiddling

  1. You did a great job at out celebration on the 30th. Your music added so much to the mood and atmosphere of the event. Thank you so much.

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