Irish Winterfest description

photo by Megan Glass from “I Lift My Lamp” at the Coralville Center for the Performing Arts on November 16, 2019

a high powered performance

Irish Winterfest is 120 minutes of music and dance from eastern Iowa’s most acclaimed Irish musicians and dancers.

an opportunity to celebrate

Irish Winterfest lands on January 29, just days away from Imbolc, the traditional Celtic festival equidistant between the winter and spring equinoxes.

a light in the darkness

After so many months apart, we gather to celebrate the strength of a community that survived in the darkness so that we can thrive again in the light.

a tradition to honor

2022 marks fifteen years that Champagne Academy of Irish Dance has graced the corridor with meaningful opportunities to uplift and uphold the Irish Arts. They deserve our support.

an invitation to engage

Ours is a unique cultural tradition that welcomes all ages, all instruments, and all backgrounds to experience the joyful and often emotional journey of community music making.

a gathering of generations

An afternoon performance means an ideal opportunity for all ages to delight together in music that has endured centuries and continues to bloom.

an acknowledgment of legacy

As we share our immigration songs and stories, we make space to acknowledge and celebrate the legacies of the myriad cultural traditions in our community.

a gift to share

Winter holidays create an opportunity to give meaningful gifts to our friends and family. An unforgettable performance to share together or apart is a gift that will continue to give.

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