Jeremy Kingsbury

Jeremy worked as a seasonal park ranger at Grand Portage National Monument for more than a decade. While there, he gave historic bagpiping programs several times a week, discussing the history of Scottish fur traders and their music as well as how Indigenous people felt about the pipes at the time. One account has survived from a Cree hunter in the nineteenth century who encountered a bagpiper:

“He carried a black swan which had many legs with ribbons tied to them. The swan’s body he put under his arm upside down, then he put its head in his mouth and bit it. At the same time he pinched its neck with his fingers and squeezed its body under his arm until it made a terrible noise.”

During the pandemic, Jeremy resurrected his bagpipe podcast, which focuses on the likely repertoire of eighteenth and early nineteenth century pipers from Ireland, Scotland and the Scottish border on various bagpipes and whistles.

In January of 2021 Jeremy released his first album, Oyster Wives Rant.