Daily Actions for Truth, Freedom, and Compassion
inspired by Charles Stanier

Ideas to Build Common Ground
1. Join civic organizations that bridge social/class/ethnic/political lines.

2. Make an effort to acquaint yourself with people in places you don’t typically frequent.

3. Form a resilience circle for learning, mutual aid, and social action (

4. Support environmentalism by avoiding consumerism, supporting local businesses, and opposing eminent domain.

5. Educate yourself. Here’s a place to begin:
Engler Bros.’ This Is An Uprising
Friedman’s Thank You for Being Late
Irving’s Waking Up White
Isenberg’s White Trash
Judis’ The Populist Explosion
edited by Shin’s A Good Time For the Truth
Stevenson’s Just Mercy
Vance’s Hillbilly Elegy.

Make your voice heard!
Best practices for interacting with legislative representatives.

A private, non-partisan organization that fights to advance civil liberties and uphold the Iowa and U.S. Constitution.
A downloadable app that tracks all of the Congressional bills and votes and lists laws being proposed in Congress. There’s also a feature where you can send a note to your representatives on whether you agree or disagree with the legislation.
A practical, downloadable guide by former congressional staffers that reveal best practices for making Congress listen.
Your home for Iowa caucus and Iowa politics news.
A community fostering a new level of civic engagement following the 2016 election by offering 2 hours a week of tangible action.