Yoga for Families

This workshop is hosted by our yoga teacher Dana Robinson and taught by Dana’s mentor Mira Binzen at Dana’s studio in Coralville.  One of the best decisions that I ever made as a parent was taking my boys to Dana’s yoga classes ever since they were babies.

From Dana’s e-mail that came along with the flier:

Please pass along this e-mail and/or the attached flier to any parents, teachers, childcare providers, etc. that are interested in sharing the wonderful benefits of yoga with the children in their lives.  They will leave the workshop with ideas that they can implement the next day.

Thank you for passing this on!



I really feel like we’ve benefitted a lot from taking Dana’s class through the years. You won’t believe me (well, Dana will) but yoga breathing has actually worked to detangle them from some particularly intense fraternal conflict.  Their classes have also given them ideas of things that they can do when I’m trying to practice yoga that doesn’t involve them dangling from my various body parts.

If nothing else, yoga with Dana has given us some doggone adorable pictures of Liam doing mountain and tree poses at the Del Mar Beach in October when we were visiting my folks.

Del Mar

Del Mar

C’mon, is there anything cuter than tree pose performed in a Spiderman swimsuit?

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