September Irish sessions, a wee bit late

The October Irish session is today so this is my big chance to get the September Irish session recorded before I fall even more hopelessly behind.

We had two sessions in September, each one delightful in its own way.  During our usual Saturday session time, it was just me, Ric, and Tim jamming on a lot of Old Time and Irish tunes and talking about all kinds of things.  I love these kinds of sessions.  In between discussions of the neurological effects of music and the physics of sound, we played:

Blackberry Blossom
Pacific Slope
Over the Waterfall into Old Mother Logo
Swallowtail Jig into another jig in E Dorian, can’t remember the name
Paddy Fahy’s, the one by Ed Reavy (a Cavan man, I just discovered)
Merry Blacksmith into the Bucks of Oranmore
Colemans into the Butterfly

The Labor Day session had a few more people in attendance, including Beth, Will, Annie, Maia, Marc, Ric, Tim, and Frank.  I think there were others to but that was almost a month ago and I didn’t really write it down.  Sorry folks!

We played more Irish tunes this time along with a healthy helping of Scottish and Old Time:

Farewell to Erin into the aforementioned Paddy Fahy’s
Pacific Slope
Scott Skinner’s Compliments to Dr. McDonald
Marquis of Tullybardine
Boys of Bluehill into Harvest Home
Reel Beatrice
Coleman’s into the Butterfly
Out on the Ocean
Tar Road to Sligo into Father O’Flynn’s
Lad O’Beirne’s
Chicago Jig into the Mooncoin
Staten Island Hornpipe
Porthole of the Kelp into the Holly Bush
Have at It (by Iowa City fiddler Guy Drollinger) into the Gypsy Princess

Another month, another buncha tunes!

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