Session Recap

Saturday was SO HOT! 

(how hot was it?)

It was so hot that the brilliant Tom G, proprietor of Uptown Bill’s, attached an oven mitt to the metal door handle in order to allow customers to enter.  I wish I had taken a picture.

It was another magical session.  You just can never predict who will show up or what we’ll play and that’s most of the beauty of the thing, really.

This week I joined Thia and Susie on the fiddle, Ric on the washtub bass, Wendy on the tin whistle, and Craig had my mandolin (newly named Flora)  singing more prettily than it ever has before.

The tunes that I remember: Wicklow Hornpipe, Julia Delaney’s, Waltz of the Little Girls, Crossing to Ireland, and Ashokan Farewell and Fiddler’s Elbow, both by Jay Ungar.

Also!  I had a very tasty sarsaparilla and picked up a new novel for $2 called Little Bee by Chris Cleave.  I’m only a chapter in but it’s engrossing already.

Uptown Bill’s is one of those places that nourishes you in both tangible and otherworldly ways.

At our performance at the Farmers Market on Saturday morning, I felt a little like the aforementioned door handle frying in the sun, but it didn’t detract from the usual Farmers Market bliss.  If you love your town as I do, it’s almost impossible to play music at the Farmers Market without your heart nearly bursting out of your chest with pride and happiness.

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