Merry and bright

Posts have been a bit scarce ’round these parts as we have all been sharing a laptop that is experiencing its last wheezes of life. The keyboard doesn’t work so we have an external keyboard plugged into it. Same with the mousepad. It doesn’t hold a charge so it has to be plugged in at all times. Basically, it’s a laptop with all of the laptop conveniences handily removed. It’s the anti-laptop.

For Christmas, I got an awesome hand-me-down laptop that…(drumroll please)…actually works! I hope that means I can be a better steward of this space.

There’s too much to catch up on so I refer you to our Flickr for that task. I leave you today with  my favorite picture from Christmas. I give you Balthasar and Gaspar, the second and third Kings.

Balthasar and Gaspar

Next up, a brand new year! Let’s make it count.

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