Upcoming show at my favorite venue in Iowa City!

Upcoming show at my favorite venue in Iowa City!

As a music teacher, one of the questions that I get most often from parents is “how early can we start music lessons?”

The answer varies hugely from one child to another but without question, the best way to begin down the road of music making is to expose children to live music.

As a musician and a parent, I feel a real responsibility to seek out performing opportunities that are family friendly. This show is a perfect example.

Jeff and I don’t regard ourselves as ‘children’s musicians’ necessarily and our repertoire isn’t going to be any different for this show than it was for our last performance together at a wine bar. Folk music and roots music appeals naturally to people of all ages.

Bring your families, bring your friends, enjoy the show, and you’re home again in time for dinner.

Jeffrey C. Capps (guitar/vocals) and Tara McGovern (fiddle/vocals) first teamed up in May 2013 as part of Iowa City’s Family Folk Machine and are making their second Uptown Bill’s appearance as a duo.

The pair’s warm, understated harmonies and instrumentation find a perfect home amid their original folk-rock songs and carefully selected cover tunes (Hank Williams Sr, Johnny and June Carter Cash, Gram Parsons, The Jayhawks, etc).

McGovern is a longtime member of local favorite group, The Beggarmen, and Capps spent the better part of a decade performing with the Memphis-based band, The Central Standards, before moving to Iowa City in 2009. His solo debut is entitled The Muddy and the Blue. Ideal family-friendly music for a cold January afternoon!

One thought on “Upcoming show at my favorite venue in Iowa City!

  1. looks like fun! wish we were closer to attend! I get the same question about the age of starting lessons too. For flute some people are disappointed at my answer which is not before 4th grade, IMO. 🙂

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