Congratulations to Trapolin!

Introducing Trapolin, my featured musician for May and June!

May_June 2018 Featured Musician-page-001

Every teacher knows that you learn at least as much from your students as you could ever hope to impart to them. This has never been more true than in the case of Trapolin.

Trapolin has a huge breadth of knowledge in so many interesting and uniquely connected topics. His profile posted above is an excellent example of the innumerable ways that music is enmeshed in a dedicated musician’s individual spectrum of interests.

Please also notice Trapolin’s answer to the “best thing about being a musician”. He has already at the tender age of 16 authentically embraced the therapeutic benefits of music making.

We could all learn from Trapolin’s wisdom in honoring how music blooms in his individual experience. I believe that originates at least in part from the unconditional support and enthusiasm that I see in his family as they each pursue their own and celebrate in each other’s creative interests.

I see a long and happy musical future for Trapolin and I’m so grateful for all that he continues to teach me.


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