Walking in springtime

I’m trying not too think too hard about why we’re having such an absolutely beautiful early spring but it surely has made for some lovely walks!

Liam took over the camera on our last walk to the library.  This is Shady Patch, the little herb garden that Atticus planted (and named) last spring.  I know less than nothing about gardening but apparently we chose some hardy perennial herbs because they’re still persistently sprouting through the layer of fall and winter neglect.

Spring (photo by Liam)

Liam and I both love our neighbor’s tree and I think he framed this one nicely even if we’re missing a bit of the top.

Spring (photo by Liam)

I love his photo of the library.

Spring (photo by Liam)

They really move as one.  It’s no wonder people frequently mistake them for twins.

Library walk

Our favorite walk of the week was a bird walk with our homeschool assistance program.  We’re so lucky to have access to a program of this caliber and I’m continually surprised how few parents seem to know about it.  One of our teachers knows a lot about birds and bird calls and the kids loved peering through their binoculars to identify them.  We’re studying birds this week so the timing was perfect.

Birdwalk with HSAP

Birdwalk with HSAP

Birdwalk with HSAP

Liam brought his nature journal to record what he saw and ended up drawing a picture of an ostrich in flight.  I’m quite sure I didn’t witness such an event but apparently artistic license can be applied in all settings.

Birdwalk with HSAP

Atticus and his beloved magnifying glass.

Birdwalk with HSAP

This being Iowa, it’s entirely likely that I’ll be posting a blizzard walk next week but we’re going to enjoy this bliss while it lasts.

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