Spring Music Party

The Cavan Fiddle Studio musicians put on a beautiful performance on March 31, 2012.  Each of my students performed one of their favorite tunes so it was a fantastic mixture of many kinds of music, from Irish and Scottish traditional music to blues to folk songs to classical music and even a breathtaking original composition.  I’m so proud of each one of them.

I know there are a few more photos and videos that are floating around out there in the webiverse and I will try to collect some more of them in this space but in the meantime, I do have one to share that’s very close to my heart.


Liam and I did a duet from Star Wars, a subject of near obsession by almost all of the Dutcher household.  Sam (the dog) and I are only mildly interested.

Many thanks to the good people of West Music for providing a beautiful performance space to the conservatory teachers!  When I think of all the music that is yet to be made by these amazing music students in their lifetimes, I am convinced of the significance of this work.  I feel so honored to have the privilege of traveling this career path.

4 responses to “Spring Music Party

  1. Hi saw that you were involved with the Irish jam. Would you have a list of Irish jam tunes and the key they are usually played? Or know where I could find a list.? Thank-you. Dan

  2. Hi Dan, there’s no official list but this is a good place to start. It’s music for the session that my parents attend in San Diego: http://irish-cottage.net/music/music.htm

    • Thank-you for sending the link to San Diego, I downloaded the pdf files and I’ll need to start learning the tunes. Is the Irish Jam at the Uptown mall in IC still going? Are there some favorites that are often played at the IC jam? I often play at bluegrass jams, and want to expand my reach a bit.
      Thank-you Again!
      Dan Dickens

  3. Hi Dan, the Irish session is always the first Saturday of the month. It’s hard to say what the favorites are but we’re very flexible and are happy to play whatever tunes people want. Hope to see you soon!

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