Iowa City Farmers Market


I’ve played in just about every venue you can imagine and I unashamedly have my favorites.

There’s a magical place in between the cavernous pubs and the concert halls where my heart sings along with my fiddle. It’s a place where kids climb trees over your shoulder and dogs bark their replies. It’s a distracting place, what with all the beautiful babies and the juggler on the periphery and the sunshine searing from above and the curl of empanada aroma in the distance.

My mind wanders a little as I wonder what that person is knitting and what kind of flowers are spilling out of that basket over there. It’s a place where I fall in love with my town over and over again.

My pal Jeff and I have been preparing a set of our original folk-rock Iowish-by-way-of-Memphis groove for this very place, the Iowa City Farmers Market.

Saturday, August 2 from 9 to 11 am
Chauncey Swan Park in Iowa City

Won’t you join us? It’s so much more fun when you’re there.

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