Food Drive Update

Update! (see original post below)

Our Beggarfans donated a collective 125 pounds of food, including lots of fresh produce from the Iowa City Farmer’s Market, to the Coralville Ecumenical Food Pantry.

Thank you so much!


Original post: 

Who doesn’t love the Iowa City Farmers Market? There’s something for everyone. Live music, hand pies, adorable dogs, egg rolls, trees to climb, breakfast burritos…the list is endless. I understand that people occasionally buy fresh produce as well!

We’ve played many farmers markets through the years and it’s not unusual for me to wax poetic about how warm and appreciative it makes me feel toward our community. I have a different message this year. I really want you to bring food TO the market.


Yes. The Coralville Ecumenical Food Pantry, located just down the road from 50% of The Beggarmen, has recently moved into a new location and could use some help stocking the shelves. We have so much gear that we have to bring to and from our gigs that it’s not too much more trouble for us to load up donations and bring them to the pantry on our way home.

My favorite part of this idea is that John Boller, executive director of the pantry, has assured me that your donations of fresh produce will be gratefully accepted and very much in demand.

Come on, I was kidding earlier about the produce. We buy at least as much produce as we do hand pies.


But have you tried the hand pies? They’re amazing.

I digress. If you find yourself at our show empty handed, you can patronize one of the many wonderful farm stands and we will have our coolers ready to make a fresh delivery.

As for non-perishables, the pantry especially needs canned fruits/vegetables, peanut butter, hearty soups and stews, beans (canned and dried), rice/pasta, canned meats, and toilet paper.

We look forward to seeing you next Saturday morning at the Iowa City Farmers Market and bringing your donations to the pantry.

Who: The Beggarmen
What: Free traditional Irish music for the community and food drive
When: Saturday, July 23 from 9-11 am
Where: The Iowa City Farmers Market
Why: Food instability in our community
How: bring non-perishables and/or purchase fresh food at the market

Why wouldn’t you?


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