The Burnt Part Boys

I’m thrilled to be a member of the 5-piece onstage band for the Tysen & Miller musical “The Burnt Part Boys” at Theatre Cedar Rapids.

We have three more weekends of shows still to come so there’s no excuse to miss this. Between the visionary theatrical direction of Leslie Charipar and the masterful music direction of Janelle Lauer, these nine talented actors are well equipped to bring this beautiful story to life and they rise to the occasion splendidly.

Set in 1963 West Virginia, “The Burnt Part Boys” is part coming-of-age tale, part ghost story, and all heart. You’ll be blown away by these incredible performers.

The reviewers agree, this show will surprise and delight you and will probably break your heart at the same time.

You’ll be transported by the amazing work of the design team of Derek Easton, Daniel Kelchen (set) and Joni Sackett (costumes).

And the band! The band ROCKS.

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