Burns Night January 26 at the Trumpet Blossom in Iowa City

26840627_1147582428710763_4532419243623273119_oI’m so pleased to be a part of another Burns Night at the Trumpet Blossom on Friday, January 26 at 8 pm. We gather to celebrate the life of Robert Burns, Scotland’s national poet, who was born 259 years and one day before our event and designated as “The Greatest Scot” by STV in 2009.

As my eldest Liam observed: “Wow, he’s super dead.”

Indeed he is and yet his work lives on!

Music by David MacLeod Burt and Craig Klocke, Ed Raber, Keith Reins, and myself and readings by Tembi Bergin-Batten, David MacLeod Burt, Kassia Scott and Jeff Biggers.

Free and open to the public! Come early to treat yourself to a tasty meal and to stake your place for a fun evening.

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