World Premiere of Esteban & the Children of the Sun

Esteban & the Children of the Sun has been centuries in the making and we are proud to premiere this Sunday October 3 at The Englert in Iowa City.

This is a Black story told by two Black men (blues legend Kevin Burt and spoken word poet Caleb Rainey) with context and scaffolding by twelve additional musicians and visuals curated by UI ethnomusicologist and HTLIC Media President Dr. Trevor Harvey.

I know I will not be alone in dedicating my performance to the life and legacy of my friend, teacher and greatest inspiration John Rapson who conceived and created this collaboration.

“Every act of making is an act of hope.” -John Rapson (1953-2021)

Art by Gary Kelley

2 thoughts on “World Premiere of Esteban & the Children of the Sun

  1. Tara, you’re too busy getting ready for the premier, but when you have a chance afterward please mail the brochure for attending patrons to me at:
    Dennis Herrick
    2392 Manzano Loop NE
    Rio Rancho, NM 87144

    –Thanks, Dennis

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